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QA and Defect Tracking System

A Quality Assurance System was developed for the purpose of tracking the assembly of offshore sport fishing boats. During various phases of manufacture and assembly, team members would score various aspects of the boat for Quality Assurance purposes. Hull creation, fiberglass components, and assembly processes were tracked individually. Defects were scored, and repaired, logged, and associated with each serialized boat.

The data captured via this system was used in several ways :

Warranty Claims for a boat were compared to its QA Scores

Defects and Defect Types were analyzed by model, by team, by part for continuous improvement

Teams and Individuals were rewarded monetarily based on QA Performance

In the case of fiberglass parts, molds were more easily identified as flawed, and replaced or repaired

Printed Charts of performance were displayed in each team section of the manufacturing area

Testimonial from Lee Norfleet

"1 Bar Systems created a custom Quality Assurance database and report system to track defects in a fiberglass marine manufacturing environment. From the database system we can generate reports by different work crews, models, parts and/or defects. The data obtained through the system enabled management to conduct several successful 6-Sigma projects that reduced defects by 85% with a savings of over $100,000 per year. 1Bar Systems was very easy to work with and helped us explore different approaches to the design of the system. 1 Bar Systems customer service is excellent and is always there to answer questions."

Lee Norfleet, Regulator Marine, Inc.