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OnDemand product development for SureShot, Inc.

SureShot's OnDemand series of products bridges the contact assets in Salesforce with Oracle's Eloqua email and marketing automation platform, allowing a representative to immediately customize email assets for a single contact, or multiple contacts. These solutions are implemented and used by large corporations such as Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum), and ADP. The OnDemand product is designed to run on Azure, operates as an app within Salesforce, and communicates with all databases and platforms via REST API's.

Salesforce and Oracle Eloqua Integration

Immediate customization of email assets

Scalable, cloud based implementation on Azure

Background Azure Jobs for syncing contacts

Customized for each client deployment

.Net ASP.Net MVC technology, with WebAPI, Azure SQL Server, Entity Framework, and Reactive Extensions for Javascript on the client

Rich client interface allowing quick and easy usage