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Multi-Company CRM System

A Mid-Cap holding company, with a combination of 5 retail/wholesale companies under it's umbrella needed a common platform for managing Customers, Contacts, Orders, Invoices, Buying Trends, Customer Needs, Pricing Contracts, and other CRM related functionality.

The company had a previous CRM system, which would not scale it's growing needs/demands/growth. 1 Bar Systems, Inc. was contracted to participate in the architecture, development, and implementation of this new CRM solution for the company.

This CRM solution encompasses many facets of Customer Relationship Management, integrated with their Avaya phone system, and provides a user with multiple monitors a way to extend the application across all monitors for maximum data visibility.

This CRM solution manages the company's list of customers, customer profile details and trends, contact management, order entry, customer call schedules, contract pricing matrices, product/catalog lookup, competitor product comparisons, and many many other features.

SQL Server

Unidata on AIX

VB.Net and C#

Web Services

Avaya Phone System Integration

200+ screens available to the users

Data warehoused for reporting via a 3rd party reporting solution

Synchronization of data between SQL Server and Unidata

Customer Management

Sales Trends and History

Order Entry/Cart

Call Schedules for Sales Reps

Contract Pricing Matrices

Full Catalog/Product Lookup

Product Technical Specs and MSDS information

Competitor Product Comparisons

Cross Company Account Management between the selling companies, when they sold to the same customer