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Hubspot Integration With Business Intelligence

A client requested a Hubspot Integration Solution to allow their Sales Representatives and Managers to look deeply into the data related to their Hubspot Campaign initiatives. For each account, and for each email within an account included on a campaign, the open, read, and print statistics are available. If a campaign was opened, or printed, sales data analysis displays the estimated sales dollars that resulted from the campaign email.

This integrated data view, offers the following insights :

Measuring the effectiveness of an email campaign at an account level

Unresponsive email addresses on an account over time, for possible deletion, or exclusion from future campaigns

Sales dollars gained through a campaign

Business Intelligence, A/B testing of campaign methodologies

Period comparisons for an account prior to, and after the campaign, for products on the campaign

Rankings of Customers who responded to campaigns based on estimated attributable sales

Deeper insights beyond those provided by Hubspot's dashboards into the actual results of an email campaign