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Crimper Management Solution

A supplier to many Formula 1, NASCAR, NHRA, IRL, and other racing divisions, needed a way to manage and communicate 'Crimper Settings' for crimping machines that were on lease to their customers.

The 'Crimper' was actually a machine/device that could create hoses of varying size, and fitting, on an on-demand basis. As new types of hose, and hose fittings are introduced to the marketplace, the users of the Crimping Machine must know the optimal settings for each type of hose they may create.

The Crimper Manager solution developed by 1 Bar Systems, Inc. helped manage these settings and informs users and teams of the latest settings they may need to use to make their hoses as reliable as possible.

SQL Server

Integrated with PCMRP for retrieving Customer Lists

VB.Net and C#

ASP.Net MVC5, WebAPI, previously developed as a Winforms Application

Testimonial from Wade Brown

"1 Bar Systems created a system for us that manages the installation, calibration and locations of assembly equipment that we install at customer sites around the world. When we make a specification change, the program allows us to quickly notify each customer of the change. The solution retrieves the customer info from our MRP system so that the machine data is always up to date. 1 Bar Systems worked seamlessly with the company that provides our MRP software (pc/MRP) to extract our customer data without disrupting our MRP system. We’ve been using our Crimper Manager program for years now with no problems. 1Bar Systems has always provided immediate support when we made network or server upgrades to ensure that our program continues to function properly."

Wade Brown, Brown And Miller Racing Solutions