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Automated Disc Creation

Muzak, LLC distributed an encrypted and oddly formatted CD disc to their clients on a regular schedule. In many cases, their clients had worked with Muzak's team to specifically select the music for those clients, in order to cater to the client's customer base and attract new customers.

Once each client's playlist was determined, Muzak needed a way to automate the production of those CD's to a custom CD burning system, created for them. 1 Bar Systems developed the service which monitored the submission of the Playlist Creation Jobs, and formatted the data, extracted the appropriate files from Muzak's vast music library, and ultimately submitted the job to the CD Burner.

The delivered solution produced the discs within minutes after the jobs were submitted, with the appropriate labeling on them, ready to be dropped in the mail to the customer.

Custom Music Encryption Libraries

Custom Compression Libraries

SQL Server

Windows Services

VB.Net (language used by their development team)

Testimonial from Jim Marascio

"Brian at 1 Bar Systems assisted my internal development team to automate an existing very manual process. The scope of the project included developing software to integrate both with existing internal content management and scheduling systems, and third-party media production systems. The resulting solution reduced production time ten-fold, enabling existing team members to scale production to multiple systems. The project was a complete success, resulting in media production growing from a few dozen unique quarterly updated media programs to over 100 programs updating monthly or quarterly, and servicing more than 25,000 customer locations."

Jim Marascio, Muzak, LLC