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About 1 Bar Systems, Inc.

Our Mission is to deliver reliable and accurate technology to our customers, improve their efficiency, and maximize their interaction with clients and vendors through technology.

Our story begins in 2004, working with a team of developers to deliver a solution for a large re-insurance company. But, our focus has always been on the small to mid-sized businesses who are sometimes trying to catch up with the technology curve.

From the most advanced technical systems, to the more straight-forward - "We need to automate this!" scenario, our goal is to get you there. Take a moment to review some of our previous Solution deliveries here.

We Are :

Honesty and Integrity

Excellent Customer Service


We Love Technology

Our Customers' Success Creates Our Success

Custom Solutions, Developed and Delivered Successfully

We often get the question “What is 1 Bar?” and what does that mean? Do you write software for Bars, Taverns, and Pubs? Do you write software for bar codes? The prison system maybe?

No, none of the above.

A Bar is a metric unit of pressure. 1 Bar, is the atmospheric pressure you experience on Earth at sea level. And in standard US measurements, a Bar of pressure is roughly equal to 14.5psi.

So, our name comes from a unit of pressure, which is also where our slogan, “How much pressure can your software handle?”, originates.

When considering a new software development project for your company, ask yourself this – “How much pressure do we need this software to handle?”.

Points to consider when asking this question are:

The impact to your company, and the bottom line

The number of users today, and the growth you expect in the user base

If it is a client facing system or service, how many clients will use that system or service on day 1, and what kind of growth rate is expected?

Scalability – today, data grows exponentially it seems. So can this system scale, without impacting the user experience, responsiveness and reporting analysis?

Reliability, up-time, accuracy

Great UX (User Experience) – at no cost, or no added pressure to the system

Security – the right people in, the wrong people out

What’s in a name? In the name of a company you find not only its brand, but its focus. The focus of 1 Bar Systems is to deliver solutions that handle the pressures experienced by your company as it moves forward every day in its effort to grow and flourish.

How Much Pressure Can Your Software Handle?